The Governor is Holding Iowa Hostage

The Iowa legislative session has passed its 100th day and our legislators cannot adjourn and return to their homes because of Kim Reynolds.

Governor Reynolds refuses to sign any budget bills without the school vouchers that will further gut our public schools. 

She is abusing her power to push an agenda that members of her own party don’t support.

Democrats are helpless to stop the Reynolds agenda.  Republicans control the house, the senate, and the governor’s mansion. They control Iowa. 

Iowa Republicans are not meeting the needs of Iowans. They are not listening to Iowans. They are pushing a partisan agenda dictated by wealthy corporate donors and radical party leadership. 

Iowa needs Democrats in office. We need to bring balance back to our state government and stop the extreme right Republican agenda.  

There are three things you can do to make a change in Des Moines: 

  1. VOTE – in both the primary election on June 7th and the general election on November 8th
  2. TELL OTHERS TO VOTE – tell all your friends and family how important it is for them to vote 
  3. SUPPORT DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES – support the people that are stepping up to run for office by donating to their campaigns. 


We’re running out of time! Please donate to my campaign. With your help, we can reach the voters we need to win the election. Even a small monthly contribution can make a huge difference! 

Please donate at ACT Blue by clicking on the Donate Button, or mail a check to Deb VanderGaast for Iowa Senate, PO Box 135, Tipton, IA 52772