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Iowa cares about its families.
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Deb Cares For Iowa.

Deb Vandergaast is running for Iowa Senate District 41. She brings experience as a Registered Nurse, a small business owner, a mother, and an advocate to the table.

Deb knows that Iowa thrives when all Iowans are thriving. Iowans thrive with quality education. Iowans thrive with a secure and growing economy. Iowans thrive with health, access, equality, and equity.

Iowans thrive together.

Join our efforts to claim SD41’s seat for a better tomorrow.
Together we can build a thriving Iowa for all of us.

Deb VanderGaast for Democracy
Deb VanderGaast for Democracy
Addressing low wages is the only way we will solve the #childcare crisis. A collaboration between Johnson County, Iowa City and businesses will increase wages for eligible child care workers by $2 per hour. More caregivers mean more parents can work.
Deb VanderGaast for Democracy
Deb VanderGaast for Democracy
The GOP can't keep blaming Democrats for Iowa's problems.
Deb VanderGaast for Democracy
Deb VanderGaast for Democracy
I used to be a Republican 20+ yrs ago. I left the party because of the lack of empathy.

Let me list the GOP policies I object to:

- inadequate funding for public schools
- school vouchers for private schools
- tax cuts that disproportionately benefit wealthy people and will force funding cuts for public services and education
- rules for public assistance eligibility that will make it harder for people to get out of poverty, like can only own one car, and it can only be worth up $2k (aka: an unreliable junker)
- turning down $30 million in federal early childhood funds while we have a childcare crisis that is rapidly growing.
- attacking transgender youth
- criminalizing the profession of teaching
- privatizing Medicaid, which is causing rural hospitals and service providers to close due to denied and delayed payments for services
- taking away reproductive decisions, and therefore financial autonomy for women.
- many Republicans, including Grassley, are still threatening marriage equality.
- making it harder for people to legally vote, especially by mail.
- sending back federal housing funds while we have an affordable housing shortage.
- taking away and undermining collective bargaining rights, which is eroding our middle class

...and that is just the tip of the iceburg
Deb VanderGaast for Democracy
Deb VanderGaast for Democracy
If you have elderly relatives that own land along a CO2 pipeline route, hang a sign on thier door saying "No land agents" and notify nursing home staff. Pipeline companies are sending agents several times a week to nursing homes & assisted living facilities to pressure elderly landowners into signing for easements. Make sure know that they should refuse to sign anything without an attorney.
Deb VanderGaast for Democracy
Deb VanderGaast for Democracy
A recent research experiment “conducted a series of randomized experiments to test whether parties can win over new loyalists” with ads that promoted a party rather than a particular candidate. What they found was that, with repeat exposure, “people changed their partisan identification ever so slightly after seeing the ads,” and that “higher doses of party-promoting ads” could influence people’s voting decisions and feelings about Donald Trump. “Partisan identity is usually understood as a root cause of political behavior,” the political scientists wrote. “By moving it, we also appear to have moved real-world political decisions.”

Deb VanderGaast for Democracy
Deb VanderGaast for Democracy
When your rural hospital closes and the nearest E.R. is at least 30 min. away, remember who had the power to save rural hospitals, but chose to give tax cuts to the wealthy instead.
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Do You Know Your District?

Iowa’s new State Senate District 41 includes the following cities:

  • Bennett
  • Clarence
  • Dixon
  • Durant
  • Lowden
  • Maysville
  • Mechanicsville
  • Moscow
  • New Liberty
  • Rochester
  • Springdale
  • Stanwood
  • Stockton
  • Tipton
  • Walcott
  • West Branch
  • West Liberty

And parts of:

  • Blue Grass
  • Davenport
  • Wilton
Map of SD41
Detail of SD41 in the Davenport area